Loose Skin After Weight Loss

loose skin after weight loss

Loose Skin After Weight Loss: After losing -67lbs in 42 weeks, my tips you need to know for loose skin due to weight loss. Solutions that are Countess Of Shopping tested and approved you need to know about for loose skin following weight loss.

This post is about loose skin after weight loss.

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Mounjaro Before And After

Loose Skin After Weight Loss

After losing -67lbs in 42 weeks from Mounjaro, I frequently get asked, “Do you have loose skin after weight loss?!”.

Why yes. Yes, I do!

Below are my 5 solutions for what has worked well for me for my loose skin due to weight loss.

mounjaro weight loss before and after

I want to be clear that the only way to remove fully loose saggy skin after weight loss is through skin removal surgery.

HOWEVER, my 5 solutions that have worked well for me have helped me greatly and helped my confidence greatly!

Tip 1: Recognizing that a lotion or potion is not going suddenly remove loose skin, I do have a cream that has dramatically helped the texture of my body skin.

loose skin after weight loss

I find this cream out of the 100s I have bought and tested is the best.

It’s not going to change your life, but for me, it has made a dramatic difference for my skin.

I have worn this cream during the summer in my bathing suit when I felt self conscious…but ended up slaying my swimsuit!

loose skin due to weight loss

My legs, stomach and arms look so much better when I apply this cream.

Again, not life-changing, but is very noticeable the difference!

Crepe Erase Cream (SHOP HERE)

loose flabby skin after weight loss

Even our 90lb foster dog wanted to see what the action was about with Crepe Erase Cream!

loose flabby skin after weight loss

If you are curious about Mounjaro before and after with -67lb weight loss, here is more information. (READ MORE).

Loose Skin Due To Weight Loss

Tip 2: Intermittent Fasting

There is so much science behind intermittent fasting benefits.

mounjaro before and after

Dr. Jason Fung has so much scientific data behind intermittent fasting in his book, The Obesity Code.

(In my non-scientific way) Intermittent fasting can lead to autophagy, which is where junk cells get destroyed through fasting. You need to hit certain fasting times to get autophagy.

Through autophagy from fasting, can lead to less loose skin.

In fact, Dr. Jason Fung has never had to recommend loose skin surgery to his weight loss patients as a result.

loose skin post weight loss

Loose Skin Following Weight Loss

Tip 3: Protein

I have been focused on protein on my -67lb (so far!) weight loss journey.

loose skin due to weight loss

Read more about 125 Protein Ideas (HERE).

Tip 4: Collagen

I consume collagen by eating gristle in meat and also through supplements.

Collagen helps to prevent sagging skin.

loose skin due to weight loss

My favorite collagen is easy to consume.

It takes 3 months to see a difference in my hair with collagen.

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Mounjaro Injection Sites

Skin Is Loose After Losing Weight

Tip 5: Drinking more water

Seems easy, but sometimes I get so busy I don’t drink as much water as I should.

Staying hydrated helps to keep skin looking plump and hydrated.

I may have loose skin, but by-gum it won’t be dry, dull loose skin. 😉

Here are 5 Tips To Drink More Water (READ MORE).

Body Skin Care Routine

Step 1: Starting off with a great body exfoliant for the shower. The best body scrub:

Step 2: Next is incredible skin firming cream. My favorite:

Step 3: I also love using leg tanner too. Make sure in well ventaliated space:


Read more about 2.5 mg weight loss when you are just starting HERE.

How long can it stay out of the fridge (READ HERE)?

mounjaro injection


“Massively has helped with when I get Mounjaro side effects like diarrhea, leg cramps, headaches, constipation as I titrate up. Has no sugar or junk ingredients…just potassium, magnesium and sodium. If it’s too salty, simply dilute.”

Most Popular: 40 Ounce Stanley Quencher H2.0 FlowState Stainless Steel Tumbler

“My Stanley helps me drank SO MUCH MORE WATER on Mounjaro! I’m also super clumsy and w/ the spill lock, I don’t spill my water bottle. LOVE LOVE LOVE!”

Most Helpful: Loose Skin Cream

“The loose skin cream has dramatically helped me on my Mounjaro weight loss journey. It is NOT a miracle worker, but DOES help me visibly see results with my loose skin.”

Weight Loss Measurement: Smart Tape Measure That Syncs

“When I’ve had Mounjaro weight loss stalls, this is what gets me through it.”

Most Used: Meal Plan

“With Mounjaro weight loss, I needed an easy meal plan that fit with taking injections. Beyond Body has been beyond exciting on my Mounjaro weight loss journey!”

Mounjaro 2.5mg Weight Loss

Mounjaro Weight Loss

Sharp Container – You will need somewhere to dispose of your Mounjaro, Wegovy or Ozempic syringe after injecting it. I love this container, but it’s smaller to fight underneath your bathroom sink, but large enough to fit the Mounjaro injection afterwards. SHOP HERE.1) Biohazard Needle & Syringe Disposal

Alcohol Prep Pads

Alcohol Prep Pads For Injection Site – I didn’t realize prior to my Mounjaro injections that I should make sure my injection site was clean with an alcohol pads. I love these because they are so little I can easily store them with my other Mounjaro items. SHOP HERE.

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