How To Drink More Water

how to drink more water

5 Tips: How To Drink More Water

5 Tips on how to drink more water will help you too on your journey! On my -65lb Mounjaro weight loss journey (so far!), how to drink more water has been important for me to figure out.

how to drink more water

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How To Drink More Water

Tip 1: My favorite way to get more water is my daily challenge I talk about on Instagram each day is, “What Tumbler Will I Pick Today!”. I have made a total game out of picking my favorite tumbler.

It sounds completely cheesy.

And it is. But my daily, fun challenge of “What Tumbler Will I Pick Today!” is helping me to*DRINK MORE WATER*! (Take the little wins!)

how can i drink more water

My 3 FAVORITE 40 Ounce Tumblers that have helped me massively increase my water intake each day are:

How To Consume More Water

Tip 2: How can i drink more water is adding electrolytes.

My favorite electrolyte has no sugar or junk added. The electrolytes are simply magnesium, potassium and sodium.

I will have 0-3 sticks per day depending how I’m feeling.

Electrolytes are really easy to travel with.

how to drink more water

My favorite flavor is raspberry and my son LOVES watermelon. They do also have citrus, grapefruit, orange and spicy ones.

how can i drink more water

How To Start Drinking More Water

Tip 3: I have a system to hold my tumblers. I found when my water tumblers were cluttered, I didn’t drink as much water that day…interesting!

So, I created a system that helped me and will help you to keep my tumblers organized.

how to drink more water

I cleared two shelves in my kitchen with one for straws and lids. The other shelf for the tumbler.

The hinge pin is the water bottle organizer to keep everything nice and neat.

How To Get Myself To Drink More Water

Tip 4: What has worked for me for how to drink water more while losing -65lbs on my Mounjaro weight loss (so far) is always drinking a water with coffee.

how to drink more water

I LOVE coffee! And in order for me to have a coffee, I need to sip some water with it.

how to drink more water

Tip 5

Tip 5: My Mounjaro injection makes me so full. Can you relate?!

I use my 40 oz tumbler not to track how many ounces I’m drinking, but more-so as a mindset replacement for grabbing for food.

My FREE Mounjaro, Wegovy & Ozempic Encouragement Group has been super helpful to drink more water.

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In fact, I LOVE my 40 ounce tumblers so much that I do everyday on Countess Of Shopping Instagram stories, “What Tumbler Do I Pick Today?!”.

Half out of joking, but the other half to remind me I’m making a new habit.

And I don’t eat as much food as I did before my Mounjaro shots.

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