Protein Ice Cream Recipe

ninja creami protein ice cream

Protein Ice Cream Recipe: How to make the easiest, most delicious Ninja Creami protein ice cream recipe! Using your Ninja Creami makes getting your protein in easy and also so yummy!

Protein Ice Cream Recipe

The post in on Protein Ice Cream Recipe.


Protein Ice Cream Recipe

Protein Ice Cream Ninja Creami

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4 Ingredients Needed:

Homemade Protein Ice Cream

1) Pour protein drink into Ninja Creami plastic container. I love using Premier Protein, Atkins, Fairlife..there are TONS of protein drinks you can use and flavors.

2) Mix in 1-2 tablespoons of Jello sugar free instant pudding.

ninja creami protein ice cream

You will need the sugar free Jello pudding to make the mixture thicker. I used a coffee mixer to ensure thoroughly mixed together.

3) Freeze container with mixture for at least 24 hours.

ninja creami protein ice cream recipe

4) Get your Ninja Creami out. Make sure your mixture is not past the plastic ice cream container line and also flat. If the frozen mixture is not flat, take a knife to make it smooth.


ninja protein ice cream

5) Then mix with Ninja Creami and bon appteti!

Ninja Creami Ice Cream Flavors

There are so many flavors to choose from. And it’s a great way to get protein in!

You can easily change out to make different flavors:

  • Protein Drink – fill almost up to line in your plastic pint container of ANY protein drink
  • Jello Instant Mixture – use 1-2 tablespoons

By changing the protein drinks or jello instant mixtures, you can make 100s of combinations with your Ice Cream!

What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Then, make that favorite flavor with the protein drink.

I am obsessed with coffee ice cream. Guess what I used? Premier Proteins Cafe Latte Protein Drink to make my ice cream.

Banana Protein Ice Cream

For example, you can switch in the Premier Protein Banana drink with banana jello instant mixture to make a delicious banana ice cream high in protein.

Wild, right?!

Or you could make strawberry chocolate by using the Strawberry Atkins protein drink with chocolate sugar free Jello instant pudding.

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