Mounjaro Injection Sites (3 Best!) For Mounjaro Weight Loss

Mounjaro Injection Sites

Mounjaro Injection Sites: Want to know the 3 best Mounjaro injection sites for Mounjaro weight loss you should know? These are the tested and approved Mounjaro injection site for thigh Mounjaro, Mounjaro stomach injection & Mounjaro arm injection you need to know about.

This post is about Mounjaro injection sites.

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Mounjaro Injection Sites

I am not a doctor, nor pretend to play one on the internet. Always talk with your own medical professional.

There are 3 Mounjaro injection sites:

  • Stomach by belly button
  • Thigh
  • Back of Arm
Mounjaro Injection Sites

Injection Sites For Mounjaro

Eli Lilly is the manufacturer of Mounjaro. Eli Lilly’s literature for Mounjaro states that injections should rotate on the three Mounjaro injections.

For the first month and a half, I simply injected only into my stomach and rotated stomach locations. I

If it is/was working, I did NOT want to add too many variables by changing injection location.

Injecting Mounjaro In Thigh

My Mounjaro injection site rotation schedule I use:

  1. Left side of belly button on the stomach
  2. Left back of arm
  3. Left thigh
  4. Right side of belly button on the stomach
  5. Right back of arm
  6. Right thigh

And with the injection site rotation, I would then start over. This helped with Mounjaro side effects. (For Mounjaro side effect solutions, READ MORE HERE.)

Mounjaro Injection Sites

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Mounjaro Stomach Injection

For all Mounjaro injections, always use the diagram in the Mounjaro packaging for where to specifically inject on your body.

When I started taking Mounjaro 2.5mg, I initially only did my Mounjaro injection in my stomach by my belly button.

I continued the Mounjaro injection in my stomach by my belly button for weeks too afraid to rotate to my arm or thigh.

After several months, I got the courage to try injecting Mounjaro into thigh.

Mounjaro Stomach Injection

Injecting Mounjaro In Thigh

Injecting Mounjaro in thigh was not painful for me at all. In fact, I questioned why I had waited so long to inject Mounjaro into my thigh.

I do notice I have side effects when I rotate locations. And Mounjaro side effect I didn’t necessarily have before, I did when I rotated locations.

Mounjaro Arm Injection

Another person is going to inject your Mounjaro arm injection since the injection is the upper, back part of your arm.

When the Count gives my arm injection, I countdown “3,2,1…go” and then he pushes the Mounjaro pen plunger.

The Mounjaro pen makes two clicking sounds.

I count for twenty seconds to remove the Mounjaro pen off my skin.

Mounjaro Arm Injection

Mounjaro Injection Site

Mounjaro Side Effects:

Here are the most common Mounjaro side effects from Of course everyone can experience different side effects.

Personally, just because I had one Mounjaro side effect at one dose didn’t mean I was going to have it for all doses.

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Decreased appetite
  • Vomiting
  • Constipation
  • Indigestion
  • Stomach Pain

Always talk with your doctor.

And the inverse for me is true too. Just because I didn’t experience one side effect on one dose didn’t mean I didn’t have that side effect at a higher dose when I titrated up.

Mounjaro Nausea

If you can nausea on Ozempic or Mounjaro nausea, some tips to help from

  • Eat bland diet like crackers or toast
  • Get fresh air
  • Eat foods that contain water like gelantin or soups
  • Avoid greasy foods
  • Avoid sugary foods
  • Avoid laying down after you eat
  • Eat slowly
  • Drink clear drinks
  • Drink ice cold drinks

Mounjaro Injection Shopping

Read more about Mounjaro 2.5 mg weight loss when you are just starting HERE.

How long can Mounjaro stay out of the fridge (READ HERE)?

mounjaro injection


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Mounjaro 2.5mg Weight Loss

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Alcohol Prep Pads

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