Best Time Of Day To Take Mounjaro

best time of day to take mounjaro

Best time of day to take Mounjaro? When is the best time to take Mounjaro? How often do you take Mounjaro? After -67lbs of Mounjaro weight loss, I’ll share what has worked best for me on my tirzepatide weight loss journey!

This post is about best time of day to take Mounjaro.

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Best Time Of Day To Take Mounjaro?

best time of day to take mounjaro

I am not a doctor, nor pretend to play one on the internet. Always talk with your own medical professional.

Reverse Engineer for you when should you take Mounjaro. This will be different for everyone.

You will need to first start by knowing How often do you take Mounjaro?

How often do you take Mounjaro?

Moujaro is taken once a week.

With taking every 7 days, you will want to think backwards when taking your first shot.

Best Time Of Day To Take Mounjaro?

Tip 1: Look at your schedule. Do you have family commitments, work commitments or personal commitments that are important to you? Yes? You will factor this in for taking your first shot.

best time of day to take mounjaro

Tip 2: Look at your schedule. Do you have any important lunch, dinner, party or food central events? Yes? You can factor this into your first shot date.

Ideally, you share with important people that you may not be as hungry and feel free to indulge without you engaging in old habits.

This gives friends and/or family permission to not change their habits. And allows you to stay focused on your new habits without feeling guilt. (No guilt, shame or condemenation here friends!)

Tip 3: When do you usually have foods challenges? The weekend?

Best Time Of Day To Take Mounjaro?

When is the best time to take Mounjaro?


I have lost -67lbs on Mounjaro and have been on Mounjaro for almost 41 weeks (so far!).

I usually feel Mounjaro starting 12 hours after I take my Mounjaro injection.

best time of day to take mounjaro

Friends, this is what has worked for me.

I want to encourage you to find out what works best for you.

Always talk to your doctor about changing from seven days to less or more days for your Mounjaro injection.

best time of day to take mounjaro

And also as I increase in Mounjaro doses, my times may change:

  • Mounjaro 2.5mg (Starting dose and lowest dose)
  • Mounjaro 5 mg
  • Mounjaro 7.5mg
  • Mounjaro 10mg
  • Mounjaro 12.5mg
  • Mounjaro 15mg (Highest dose)

This does not mean I won’t get Mounjaro side effects with that particular dose as I titrate up.

Read about 3 Best Mounjaro Injection Sites.

Mounjaro And Body Aches

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Mounjaro Injection Sites

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mounjaro side effects body aches

Mounjaro Injection Shopping

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How long can Mounjaro stay out of the fridge (READ HERE)?

mounjaro injection


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Mounjaro 2.5mg Weight Loss

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