27 Amazon Must Haves in 2024

amazon must haves

Amazon Must Haves: Want to know must haves on Amazon? The must haves from Amazon been tested and Countess Of Shopping approved with everything you need to know for best Amazon finds.

This post is all about 57 Amazon Must Haves 2024.

Amazon Must Haves 2024

good amazon finds

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Making new lifestyle changes after losing -68 lbs with Mounjaro weight loss means I’ve had to change my entire environment along with the healthy lifestyle choices.

WEGOVY weight loss before and after

Here is what has helped me the most from best Amazon finds on my weight loss journey:

  • Grocery Store Changes
  • Ozempic Face: Changing my Skincare
  • Kitchen Tools
  • Interior Design changes to support weight loss
best foods to eat on semaglutide

Best Amazon Finds

Fresh is best and I’m working everyday to incorporate fresh foods with simple ingredients. I do live an enriched lifestyle with lots of scheduling choices, so having quick grocery store items on hand have be on of the best things.

1 – Water Bottle Organizer:

I had a hard time staying organized with my water bottles before, so I wouldn’t drink enough water in the day. 

Having a water bottle system that is easy. I love THIS water bottle organizer as it fits perfectly into my cabinets for the bottles, straws and lids. (SHOP HERE)

amazon must haves

2 – 40 Ounce Tumblers:

Quick easy tumblers that travel well in the car. I had bought some other tumblers that got mold underneath the straw top.

And different sizes meant I have refill the water bottle too many times.

My favorites are easy to clean in the dishwasher & 40 ounce tumblers so I only refill them 3 x during the day. (SHOP HERE)

best amazon finds

Kitchen Tools

3 – Glass Spice Jars

So many five-star reviews for these glass spice jars, including my own! It makes it easy to see spices to cook faster, cleaner and more efficiently. (SHOP HERE)

kitchen tools

5 – Glass Canister & Spice Set

This is one of the best gifts I received and have used so much.

My Amazon grocery items & different products like chia seeds, walnuts, pecans, LMNT electrolytes, etc, I can easily see through clear glass canisters. And aesthetically, it looks gorgeous on my kitchen counter! 

I just pop the glass canisters into the dishwasher before I refill them. 

The lid does have the stainless steel, airtight screw lid (SHOP HERE)

amazon must haves

Great Amazon Finds

Ozempic Face & Ozempic Butt has been a real thing on my -68lb Mounjaro weight loss journey.

And changing my skincare has been so helpful to combat Ozempic face, Ozempic Bottom and dull looking, dry skin.

6 – Loose Skin

My top product for loose skin care has been so incredibly helpful and a large size! The only true way to get rid of loose skin is skin removal surgery. 

​This product is a good alternative and helps my confidence so much when I wear a bathing suit or shorts.

I highly recommend my fav & one of the best products! (SHOP HERE)

skin care

7 – ZO Skin Health Growth Factor Eye Serum

I bought on Amazon Prime Day so many skincare products to test. I’m obsessed with the ZO Eye Serum to help with the sunken in eyes that have come with weight loss (not as much fat on my face). 

It’s brighten up my eyes and helped with the fine lines.

It’s one of those Amazon items that is my favorite things! (SHOP HERE)

amazon skincare

Amazon Best Finds

8 – Hyaluronic Acid For Dull Skin

Getting Hydro Boost Hyaluronic Acid has been so helpful to plump up my Ozempic Face and deal with dark spots.

Try to snag on Big Deal Days or Black Friday. (SHOP HERE)

Hyaluronic Acid

9 – Vitamin C

I am loving vitamin c serum to brighten my face.

I saw so many positive reviews and wanted to try it. It’s a game changer for brighten your skin. (SHOP HERE)

vitamin c

10 – Foot Peel Mask

If you are working out a bunch or want to get ready for pedicure season, a foot peel mask is helpful (SHOP HERE)

Best Amazon Finds Tiktok

11 – Facial Hair

If you have PCO or your hormones are changing due to Mounjaro ,Wegovy, Zepbound or Ozempic, facial hair may have come into play. 

This dermaplaning tool is one of the best sellers.

Here is a great solution. (SHOP HERE)

facial hair

12 – Body Wash

A must have body wash in your toiletry case is this body wash! 

The first time I used it, I was shook! I had heard so many great things about it before buying and LOVE IT! (SHOP HERE)

body wash

Great Gifts

13 – Cup Of Coffee

I love me a great cup of coffee HON-NAY! 

The 12 cup drip coffee maker makes delicious coffee and it’s easy to clean. 

I use it every day in my daily life (SHOP HERE

cup of coffee

14 – Packing Cubes

Now that I’ve lost so much weight, I travel more! It’s a great Amazon travel essentials. 

Packing cubes are a fabulous gift and come in different colors if you are buying for multiple people in a family. (SHOP HERE)

Good Amazon Finds

15 – Two-Piece Set For Workouts

An Amazon bestseller for workout sets and fun colors. (SHOP HERE)

16 – Favorite Blender

My favorite blender is no longer being produced, so my second favorite blender is excellent for making protein shakes, mixed drinks, soups and smoothies. (SHOP HERE)

great finds on amazon

Amazon Finds Under $10

17 – Makeup Bag

Everyone needs a new makeup bag as a gift and particularly an Amazon finds under $10. (SHOP HERE)

amazon finds under $10

18 – Dash Mini Waffle Maker

I LOVE making protein waffles on my Dash Mini Waffle Maker!

BEST Protein Waffle Recipe: Use my protein overnight oats recipe and add just one egg. This is the easiest waffle batter to use. (READ HERE)

When the Dash goes on sale for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Prime Big Day Deals or Prime Day, snag this Amazon finds under $10!

It’s an incredible meal prep tool! (SHOP HERE)

Amazon finds under $10

Amazon Finds Under $5

19 – Protein Bars

These are the BEST Protein Bars hands down! They are the best tasting in my opinion, less than $3 per bar and 20 grams of protein per bar! (SHOP HERE)

amazon finds under $5

Amazing Amazon Finds

20 – Meal Prep Cutting Board

For a long time I have shouted from the roof tops and on my social media about meal prep cutting boards. 

Meal Prep Cutting Boards save so much time and are my new best friend for eating healthier. 

I can chop, cut, prep, put into containers and get rid of waste more efficiently and also has great reviews. (SHOP HERE)

Kitchen tools

21 – Nugget Ice Tray

Oh Lordy! I’m obsessed with my nugget ice tray!

It’s the perfect size to go into the freezer and makes getting my water in for my weight loss journey so much easier.

​Nugget ice trays are hidden gems for small spaces if you have a smaller freezer because they come with their own stacking system.  I even use in the winter months!  (SHOP HERE)

amazon favorite

Cool Finds On Amazon

22 – 15 Inch Cast Iron Skillet

With my Southern roots, I have to have a favorite cast iron skillet!

I cook almost all my family meats on our cast iron skillet. It’s easy to use in the stove or on top of the stove…or even camping in a fire! (SHOP HERE)

Lodge skillet

23 – Washing Machine Cleaner

I  didn’t realize how dirty my washing machine could get! Monthly washing machine cleaners have made my washing machine more efficient. 

Highly recommend as it’s the easy way to get washing machine clean. (SHOP HERE)

24 – Snail Mucin

It sounds disgusting, but gosh it works to brighten my face!

I bought it after reading Amazon reviews how great it is and it truly is! I give it rave reviews! (SHOP HERE)

cool amazon finds

25  – Best Vacuum Cleaner

The best vacuum cleaner for pet hair, if you leave out cords, going around your coffee table and it is one of the best sellers. 

It easily cleans from your kitchen to living room to bedroom. It’s one of my favorite Amazon products and has so many five-star ratings! It’s one of the best gifts to give too. (SHOP HERE)

amazon products

26 – Kids Stanley Water Bottle

It doesn’t have to be for kids, but my son LOVES this water bottle because it doesn’t spill.

The locking cap on the trigger action travel mug prevents spills while still keeping things very hot and very cold.

There is a wide variety of colors too (SHOP HERE)

stanley water bottle

27 – Egg Cooker

Makes perfect hard boiled eggs every time! And fits into small spaces well to cook. (SHOP HERE)

amazon kitchen finds

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