Best Small Pink Christmas Tree (Artificial Trees)


Small pink Christmas tree: Want to know the best small pink Christmas tree that is easy to setup? This small pink xmas tree has been tested and Countess Of Shopping approved with everything you need to know.

This post is all about the best small pink Christmas tree.

Small Pink Christmas Tree


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If you are looking for a small tree, this little tree fits perfectly into smaller spaces, corners, your office, apartment living room, townhouse room or as a side tree.

The pink artificial Christmas tree is a gorgeous six feet.

Pink Christmas Tree Little

This is easiest small, pink tree to assemble. Pieces are designated in A,B and C with very clear directions as to how to put the pink tree together.

It was easy to assemble and only took 45-55 minutes to put together. The enclosed directions say assembly will take 60-120 minutes.

pink small xmas tree

Use the well outlined directions and photos to put the base together so you can continue to keep you holiday spirit.

When taking the pink Christmas tree out of the original packaging, make sure you are setting it up in your family room or actual room where the tree will go.

Small Pink Christmas Tree

The tree branches were so easy of just inserting letter A into letter A holder.

Very simple.

Small Pink Christmas Tree

Pink Small Xmas Tree

Put the pieces of the tree to form the shape of an actual tree. Then you start to fluff the tree branches and branch tips.

Small Pink Christmas Tree

This process is simply making V’s with the pink branches from the bottom to the top.

From set up to sitting back admiring your gorgeous tree, the Best Choice 6 Foot Christmas tree has been a fabulous addition for a smaller space with holiday cheer.

Small Pink Christmas Tree

The best part is how easily assembly is.

Pink Christmas Tree Little

The gorgeous pop of color makes your Christmas decorations POP!

Pink Xmas Tree Small

The Best Choice tree collar is incredible to easily cover metal stand.

Make sure to add:

  • Tree Skirt to cover the metal stand or tree collar
  • Little ornaments and big ornaments
  • Clear incandescent lights or colorful lights
  • Additional pink Christmas tree decorations

Of the reasons I love this pink tree is that I don’t have to majorly decorate unless I want to. The tiny pink Christmas tree is already so gorgeous on its own. I can totally doll it up with decorations or keep it simple.

Pink Xmas Tree Small

Best Choice has my favorite pink Christmas trees as I also have their nine foot pink color artificial tree.

Best Choice also does have a beautiful white tree if you wanted to get a second little tree for upstairs or another room in your home with more artificial Christmas trees or little trees.

Having set up several Best Choice artificial trees, they are gorgeous, simple to set up and high quality.

Tiny Pink Christmas Tree

For next year, simply use original packaging box or get a Christmas tree storage bag (SHOP HERE).

I love leaving our tree up until the new year and then taking it down. 

I also like the 80 box ornament storage container to easily take down Christmas decorations. Next year…last year….every year…it gets easier and easier to decorate and then take down decorations with the ornament storage containers.

Grab that cup of hot cocoa and make sure you take time to sit and enjoy your beautiful tree! Your friends and family will enjoy the beauty you have created, but make sure you enjoy the holiday festivities too.

I highly recommend Best Choice Christmas trees!

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