Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Pumpkin carving ideas for your Halloween designs! Easy Halloween ideas for fun carving ideas!

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Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Step 1:

There are two kits you can get to make designs much easier and make your ideas come to life!

  1. Hammer Carving Kit
  2. Complete Carving Set

Pumpkin Carving Design Ideas

With a hammer or mallet, you use this Halloween pumpkin carving kit to make the perfect Halloween pumpkin.

Along with the design templates included, take out the cookie-cutter shaped piece to create the eyes and mouth…and whatever else you want on your pumpkin!

Little kids can easily use this with parents help and bigger kids can independently make their pumpkins. (SHOP HERE)

Jack O Lantern Carving Ideas

This 13 piece pumpkin carving kit has a complete set of all the physical tools to carve easily into a pumpkin to create designs!

For kids over 7 years old, it comes with the carrying case with saws, scoopers and sculpting tools to make the *perfect*carved pumpkin. (SHOP HERE)

The complete Halloween pumpkin carving set comes with design tips. The 13 pieces also make it really easy to find a template and carve out as well.

This pumpkin carving set is great for adults and great for kids with adult supervision.

Step 2:

Use the pumpkin carving tools conjunction with pumpkin templates.

The hammer pumpkin carving kit has designs and templates enclosed. The 13 piece pumpkin carving tools has designs included and also work really well with your own designs.

Pumpkin Cut Out Ideas

Start Carving! Use the tools and let your imagination go wild! You can use these Halloween pumpkin tools to make designs for your entire Halloween porch.


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