Grinch Nails

Grinch Nails
Grinch Nails

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Grinch Nails

Grinch nails are so easy to do with two options for your holiday nails! Option one for your Grinch fingernails is to use whatever nail color you want with Grinch nail stickers. Or, you can use press on Grinch fingernails with glue as a second nail option.

One of my favorite things about the Grinch Nails is how easy they are to put on with the nail designs. You can use any nail shape you want:

  • Short Nails
  • Coffin Nails
  • Square Nails

The world is your oyster for nail shape!

The stickers will go on (pretty much) any shape of nail. The one area I would caution would be children size nails.

And I LOVE that there are 9 sheets total for Christmas nail designs. You can pick different designs for different holiday days.

Grinch Christmas Nails

I love how easy the Grinch sticker nails are to put on top of your existing nails. Grinch has his sly face, smiley face and several other Grinch expressions. The nail sticker pack also includes Cindy Lou Who – how cute?!

Applying the stickers took less than three minutes. And have stayed on through me doing dishes, chores and day-to-day activities.

And the Grinch designs are so festive.

Grinch Nail Stickers

If you don’t want to paint on your nails, the Grinch sticker nail option is the easy route to go.

Grinch fingernails

I already had tackle boxes filled with press on nails. The great part about Christmas nail stickers is you can put them on short nails, coffin nails or longer nails.

Grinch Nail Designs

The second option for easy Grinch nail designs is the press on nail route. The nail press route is also incredibly easy to apply.

Grinch nail art

Grinch press on nails had three designs with the Grinch, Max and then Christmas Lights. There were 24 nails included in the pack as was a small nail fill, wooden stick to help with glue and alcohol pad to clean nails prior to application.

The nails are medium length with square shape.

For the Grinch press on nails, it took about 10-15 minutes of application. It was easy to apply to my nails.

You can arrange the nails with the shapes specifically for your nail art design and hands.

Grinch Christmas nails

The press on nails do not come with glue.

After testing the nail art for several days, the nail art doesn’t wash off. I liked how vibrate the nails looked even after several days of applicable.

Every time I look at the nails, it reminds me in the movie where Grinchy yells, “MAXXXXXXXXXXXXXX!”! Ha! And I keep saying this to myself each time I look at my hands.

You can add more of the Christmas light nails to your nail design choices if you wish. You can do more or less depending on the look you want to for.

Grinch Nail Art

To use with the press on nails, I would encourage getting Glamnetics nail glue. The Glamnetics Nail Glue kept the Grinch press on nails on for 3-4 days.

The Glamnetics glue after my testing lasted the longest.

Grinch Christmas nails

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