7 Back To School Lunch Ideas For Mounjaro Weight Loss

Back to school lunch

Back to school: 7 lunch ideas that will rock your Mounjaro weight loss! With the hustle and bustle of back to school starting, these 7 quick lunch ideas will make starting your day and lunchtime much easier!

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Back To School Lunch Ideas

1) Crockpot Lunches –

Having leftovers from diner for the next day’s lunch is a time saving hack and money saving hack! It’s also incredibly helpful for Mounjaro weight loss & tirzepatide weight loss. Crockpot Lunch for soups, leftovers, hot meals (PRODUCT 1 IN AMAZON LIVE SHOW)

Back to school

I love having hot meals for lunch. With Crockpots travel container, it keeps meals delicious and hot. You can easily have soups, chilis, leftover enchiladas, mouthwatering side dishes and more!

2) Stackable Bento Lunch Boxes –

With the stackable Bento lunch boxes, you can make your kid’s lunches (and yours!) not get soggy with it’s compartments. The lunch box even includes utensils so you won’t forget in the mad-early-morning-rush!

Separate compartments make it easy to also get in nutrients for Mounjaro and tirzepatide weight loss since they are divided. Stackable Bento Lunch Boxes (SWIPE PRODUCT 9 IN AMAZON LIVE SHOW)

3) Glass Meal Prep Containers

At nighttime for dinner, I immediately package food up after I make my Mounjaro dinner in my glass meal prep containers. The containers are airtight so main dishes and side dishes stay fresh.

Also for school time, I can easily dump these into appropriate lunches for the day the night before or morning of.

Back to school lunch

The winner-winner-chicken-dinner is they are dishwasher safe! SCORE! Glass Meal Prep Containers – BPA Free, Dishwasher Safe & Freezer Safe – (SWIPE PRODUCT 7 IN AMAZON LIVE SHOW)

4) Back Pack Change

We had to change back pack sizes this year to accommodate the lunch box. It made sense with grade change, but also keeping simple lunches in the containers I had also made sense.

This year for success, do your child need a new backpack? BackPack (SWIPE PRODUCT 8 IN AMAZON LIVE SHOW)

5) Using Instant Pot Or Crockpot For Dinner

Back to school

Balancing out dinner night making extras, makes it so much easier for lunch the next day by simply using leftovers. See today’s WHAT I EAT IN A DAY video for slow cooker soup ideas HERE.

You can easily use the Instant Pot 7 in 1 Deluxe (SWIPE PRODUCT 2 IN AMAZON LIVE SHOW).

6) Big Salad Bowls

Focusing on nutrient dense foods has been so important for my Mounjaro weight loss.

And logistically, it was hard with a small salad bowl to have a big, luxurious salad. 🥗Big Salad Bowls – I’m obsessed w/ proteins on my salad, but they need room w/ a big 9.5 inch bowl! (SHOP PRODUCT 2 IN MY AMAZON LIVE SHOW HERE)

If you need regular dishes, Chip Resistant Dish Set – my *exact* dish set that I have had for 7+ years. My son can unload the dishwasher b/c these dishes are sturdy-birdy w/ chip resistance. (WATCH PRODUCT 3 IN MY AMAZON LIVE SHOW HERE)

7) Pantry Organization:

Pantry organization

Pantry Organization – I didn’t realize how messy my pantry was for back to school food items. Getting my pantry organized at the beginning of August was helpful for effieciency for lunches.

Some pantry items that have helped me:

Back To School Supplies

Other back to school supplies a mom for my kitchen, are important too! Not just pencils and paper for the kids.

Kitchen Favorites For Back To School:

Here are some of my favorites:

Going Back To School




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